Those people that I gave birth to?  They never cease to amaze me.

I did not have children with the best, well, the best Present Guy on the planet.  He can play the fire out of a bass and he sings great, but….giftin’ ain’t his cup ‘o tea.  Christmas is usually put together by moi with a “What do you think of this?” and the Mr. saying “Sounds great”, no matter what it is. 

I’ve been saying since November that there wasn’t going to be much of no Santy Claus if I didn’t get some help doing stuff.  I didn’t get any help and really, it was a toned down sorta Smiffmas.  It was lovely and I’m not complaining.  This was just the year I finally learned that I can’t do it just like my mother did and that Norman Rockwell is long gone and that world he painted didn’t really exist anyway. I also learned that the more you try to make stuff like Christmas all perfect, the more it’s not perfect and you end up pissed off when Christmas is over.   Christmas is done.  I still love Christmas but I’m glad it’s done. On to the next thing….

My mother gave the Holy Tara and the Manchild some money for Christmas.  She’s gotten older, crankier and more winded, thus, she doesn’t Christmas shop.  (Remind me to tell later how my sister became just like the aunt in a Christmas Story that gave Ralphie a bunny suit).  The teen-types are all about some cold, hard cash for Chri’mus.

There were presents under our tree yesterday from our children.  I figured Hazel gave them the money.  I was wrong.  The Manchild used part of the money my mom gave him to get us some cool dvds.  He did remind me of how I ranted the day before that my kids were selfish and didn’t know squat about what it means to give.  This is why I’ll never be voted Mother of the Year.

Anyway, we were pretty moved by our firstborn doing that.