If I were to tell y’all what we’ve been through the last 14 hours or so, you probably wouldn’t believe me.  It has involved the movie Love Actually, tow trucks, late at night,  very large, redneck towtruck guys, your Sista confronting said Very Large Redneck Towtruck Guy, lots of cussing and general hatred towards a certain financial company : cough WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL cough: a mistake made by the Federal Reserve (your tax dollars at work, friends) and the Smiff’s suffering because of it. 

I’ve said it before and I will say it again….I hate Wells Fargo and will produce a blasphemous, scathing post once everything is paid off and I will warn all of you to not patronize this company. If you are ever about to finance something and anything is mentioned about the above mentioned, ass-hat company, FLEE.  Just do what I say.

You don’t have an extra…car you aren’t using til Wednesday, do you?