From the Kennedy Center Honors the other night….magical, wonderful performances by Hootie and the Blowfish and Libera (Is it just me or does the guitar player for Hootie and them look like he was separated at birth with Dierks?)

and….Love and Mercy….this will make you cry. Especially knowing Brian’s beginnings were as a boy soprano in the church choir. Watch Diana Ross. It got all over her.

A shame there aren’t more magical moments on television like this anymore.

And while we’re at it…let’s have some of the real thing, shall we? I dig me some Beach Boys. This song…heh…every single time I hear it, makes me think of something in particular and it makes me laugh. Someone out there knows exactly what I’m talking about. It never fails to crack me up if I’m standing in the Walgreen’s and it comes over the speaker….hee hee.