Thus far, the New Year’s excitement at the Smiff House has consisted of flatulence (I’m not sayin’ who, but, it is not me), loud belches, (again, not I), laundry, more laundry, trying to figure out why in the hay-ell I can’t get #2’s Ipod Nano to sync and it’s making me ill, cleaning up the fright that is the Holy Tara’s room, oh and #2 insisted on going to buy a New Year’s hat and has paraded around the house this whole evening in said New Year’s hat and tighty whities.  I’d put a picture up but I don’t want nobody saying I’m exploiting the child.

So, from Baby New Year, the Manchild and his gas, the Holy Tara and her loud belches (“I’ve been holding it in since I was on my trip!”), me folding and putting away laundry(and wishing I was doing something fun), the relaxing Mr. Smiff….we all bid you our best wishes for a great ’08.  Thanks for coming by to read my blathering ramblings day after day.