Memorable moments of 2007 in no particular order….

Kicking off 2007 by going to see The Schoolhouse Rock Live with Aunt B, Short & Fat, CLC, Mrs. Short & Fat, RUAbelle and The Butcher.  Much fun.

Starting new job…new friendships with people like Susan, Cherry, Dave…interesting, new experiences. Learning more than I ever wanted to know about Sexually Transmitted Diseases and what restaurants you really don’t want to eat at.

Hazel’s surgery and recovery-She’s doing great now.

The Holy Tara singing in public….blowing everybody away.

The Manchild becoming a guitar god.

#2’s diagnosis of Asperger’s.

Hearing The Police reunite over the cellphone from Mr. Smiff who saw it live and in person at the Grammy’s.

Enrolling in college courses for the first time.  The frustration that followed when trying to grasp fractions then the euphoria of getting it. (Not sure what the next move will be where that’s concerned.)

Reunions:  20 year high school reunion with both of my high schools.  People I knew from schooldays finding me on My Space and through the blog.

First face to face conversation in 18 years with the Boyfriend that I lost my innocence to (innocence lost in more ways than one). Watching him go from a 40 year old mature man and turn into the 20-21 year old boy I remember while we caught up on what we’d been doing the last couple decades.  In spite of the minor awkwardness of the moment, it was a warm-fuzzy thing.

The Grascals winning Entertainer of the Year again…

My ADD diagnosis and being able to pay attention to things.

Matt Tullos becoming my pastor. The excitement at church that I’ve never really experienced.

Co-worker Dave leaving for another job.

Cousin Mary and Cousin Josh losing their battles with cancer and Bipolar Disorder…hope that Cousin Buddy is fighting his battle with addiction…and so far, winning.