Discombobulated.  That is a good word, isn’t it? If I had a word to describe how I feel this first day of 2008, that would be it.  I looked it up in the dictionary and it said something about “Upset” and “Confused”.  Eh. Upset. Yeah, ok.  Confused? No.

It also said it was probably an aliteration of the word “discompose.”  That means to “disturb the order of.”  I like that one a lot better.  I feel like my order has been highly disturbed, yet, not.   Disturbed to the point of organizing. If that makes sense. I think it’s ultimately going to be good, this discomposition thing we’ve got happening.

I will be glad to go to work tomorrow and even gladder when it’s this time tomorrow night and both of our vehicles are back in our driveway and we can giggle about how we made it through yet another weird thing…har har har….tonight…nobody’s laughing.

Sifting. I’m not crazy about the process, but, I do know when you sift flour into say, a cake, it makes it lighter and fluffier. That’s what I’m hoping for from this sifting session.