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Come and Listen In To The Radio Station…

I didn’t realize that the Intimate Evening With Stubby and the Grascals will be broadcast live on WSM and on XM radio.  Thanks to my pals at the Bluegrass Blog for that little tidbit. I’ll be listening.

Sista’s Endometrium Lining-RIP

A moment of silence for my now, late uterine lining……..amen.

Greetings from the land of Percocet and 600 mg Ibuprofen.  The procedure was a breeze and a whirl.  I’ve just had a bit of cramping 9 (nothing that a little Percocet can’t take care of) and I had no problems coming out of anesthesia or nothing else.

I have never had anything done at Baptist Hospital on myself.  The funny thing is, my mother had a serious car accident in 1984 and spent a couple weeks there and the place STILL smells the same and even though lots of it is new, there’s still things that haven’t changed, like the inside of the elevators. 

I was treated like the Sista I am and I had wonderful personnel looking out for me.  I don’t know if I can remember names cause I is still doped up but my Nurse Anesthetist was…I think Olivia and the anesthesiologists I had (how there were two, I don’t know) Dr. Lipman (there again-I think…I kept thinking of the doctor on the Rugrats) and Dr. G-something.  He was an adorable little man who said in his 40 years of knocking people out, had never had anybody wake up on him.  Dr. G. also knows how to insert an iv needle painless, I’ll tell you that right now. He was the best.  Linda was my recovery nurse and she was great.  The two women in the recovery bay with me had had the same thing done to them and then some….they weren’t doing as hot as I was.  They had stuff removed.  Everybody there was so nice and it all went so smooth that I hope to have any further stuff like that done there.

I didn’t see Dr. McDreamy post-ablation, but, Mr. Smiff did.  Everything was fine, I had a very thick lining and this should take care of my problem.  Thanks again, Ginger, for directing me to Dr. McLovett.  He’s a great guy.  I wish I’d have gone to him years ago.  If you’re looking for an OB/GYN, give him a call.  Turns out, he went to high school with one of the RN’s that I work with.  Small world.

They said I can’t drive a car, drink, sign any important papers for he rest of the day.  Dadgum.  I can’t do my wifely duty for a month, neither!  Whatever will Mr. Smiff do?

Pre-op, the scene I had in front of me was Mr. Smiff and #2.  (We had to take #2 with us because the older kids leave for school way before he does and the In-Laws had something they were doing today) #2 had his Ipod on and he was jamming to Alvin and the Chipmunks.  #2 and Mr. Smiff got to swaying like Alvin, Simon and Theodore and it was pretty funny.

I’ve got Talladega Nights in from Netflix yesterday.  That should be good to watch when one is doped up.

Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and good wishes.