“I don’t DO trash.”

As quoted by the Holy Tara when she was asked to dispose of the trash.  Heh.  Guess who most certainly did take the trash out?


Still feeling fantastic after the Big Zap.  The only problem now is my cat allergies are going haywire and I look as though I have been beaten upside the face. My eye and underneath is ginormous.  Eyeball all swollen out and arythang.  It’s quite lovely.

I spent the most funnest day yesterday with Tara.  We ate Korean and got nails done.  I wasn’t planning on the pedicure but decided what the hay…We had so much fun. This girl has only lived here something like a year and yet, she knows everybody in town.  Hysterical.

What’s going to be even funnier is that Tara and I are going to be leading our youth choir.  I hope we don’t get fired.