Thanks to Scooby Doo, #2 has discovered The Three Stooges, Sonny & Cher, Sandy Duncan and Jonathan Winters. (I keep waiting for them to show the ones with Jerry Reed and Cass Elliott).   He’s gotten dvd’s of the Stooges and Sonny & Cher.  His big thing is “Is so and so dead?”  Then he wants to know how they died, etc. I was the same way when I was a kid.  What is up with us?  It was kinda a bummer to tell him how Sonny died.  Not pretty.

Anyway, when we were watching the Pioneers of Television the other night, Jonathan Winters was on.  He wanted to see what he looked like outside of a cartoon and now, as an older guy.  He fell asleep on our bed and when JW finally came on, I woke him up.  He was really out of it but he said the funniest thing about his impression of how Jonathan has held up…

“His face looks like it has parentheses on it.”

Ya know….he’s right.   pic_winters2.jpg

And totally unrelated to Jonathan Winters but my goodest pal, Patrick is getting hitched tomorrow.  Now he can be miserable like the rest of us.  Heh. Kidding.  Kinda.