Two of my favorite tv types have passed away in the last couple days…

sam_the_butcher.jpgAllan Melvin is known to people of my generation as Sam the Butcher.  Others he’s known for his appearances on The Andy Griffith Show and from Sgt. Bilko. (I wish they showed Bilko in reruns. That was one funny show)  and to others as the voice of Magilla the Gorilla or Barney Hefner on All In The Family.  He could play a bad guy really, really good.  He did TONS of voices for all sorts of cartoons.

I have always thought that Suzanne Pleshette was the most beautiful woman ever in television.    I have also alwayspleshette-s.jpg wished I had a speaking voice like hers.  Dang.   Did you know she was married to Troy Donahue?  Then later in life, married Tom Poston?

In a world of blondes, to me, Suzanne stood out with that dark hair and amazing blue eyes.  I can remember, even as a little, little person watching The Bob Newhart Show, whenever she was on camera, you couldn’t take your eyes off her.  She was great in The Birds, too.

Another movie I loved Suzanne in was The Ugly Dachshund.  That movie made me want a dachshund sooo bad.  I couldn’t afford one in 1991, but, I got a little poodle/pomeranian mix puppyquattro.jpg that I named Chloe after one of the dachshunds in that movie.  I finally got me a dachshund in 2003.