You know how you have some days that are just wild and bizarre and then others that are just surreal and leave you thinking…”Now this was an interesting day full of contrasts?”   Your Sista had one of those days yesterday.  It actually had begun the night before, but, that’s a post that deserves its own, special slot and I’m not in the mood to write about that spectacle just yet.

#2’s basketball game was first on the agenda.  That’s not surreal.  Perhaps the score was…26-2 the last time I checked and the Bluegrass Boys  and Girls were not winning.

I get to the point, especially if my Adderall hasn’t kicked in yet, that I just can’t deal with that sorta pitiful loss. (Truthfully, the above is what happened and I just couldn’t get interested)  Does that make me a bad mother?   I hauled it down the hall and spent a few minutes trying to brush up on my less-than-madd piano skillz (Me and Tara O. are the Yoot Choir directors now y’know) but that lasted about 2 minutes.

So after the creaming by the Bible Baptist Boys and Girls, me and the Smiff Kids hauled over to Grandma’s.

Grandma was having a special taping yesterday.  I don’t know in the history of Southern Fried Flicks if it has ever been taped on a Saturday.  I don’t think she’d have allowed a Saturday taping if it was just say, the Baldknobbers.  She might’ve for Cousin Jody.
However, when this guy says he’ll come to your house and do your show, well, you’d do it at 2 in the morning if that was when he was available…

We had a blast getting to meet and visit with Larry a little bit.  He was on a really tight schedule, but, I think Larry was having such a good time with us, he’d have stayed all afternoon if’n his people would’ve let him.  He got a big kick out of us telling about the time we left our name at Logans as the “Git-R-Done’s” and how they announced over the mic.  Hee.

You never know what celebrities are going to be like.  It’s awful to meet a celebrity type you like a lot and them be an arse or having an off day or whatever.  Larry (his real name is Dan. Did you know that?) was every bit as great as we wanted him to be and then some.

I was blown away with how much cuter Larry/Dan is in person.  TV does not do him justice.  At all. He couldn’t get over the fact that I have been following him since before the world knew who he was.  I used to read his commentaries faithfully and forward them to people.  His commentaries/blog was a big inspiration for me to blog, actually.

He broke into lines from “Cars” to #2 and it was just the neatest thing.  The Manchild, who knows all of his bits and just loves him and the other Blue Collar guys, was pretty awed to meet him.  The Manchild loves comedy and comedians.

The Holy Tara was a little nervous standing next to him to have her picture made.  Larry picked up on that right away and said “You ain’t nervous are ya?” (Pictures on the Flickr. Over there > or is it over there <?