I have a funny #2 story.  I mean, it’s really funny.  I’m sure somebody out there is going to say “That’s awful” but you know what….I don’t care cause it’s funny.

I was watching “Biography” last night.  It was on the Rockefellers. 

I tend to think #2 isn’t half paying attention the majority of the time, but, this is something else that proves to me he’s listening more than he leads us to believe.

This documentary on the Rich Folks is on.  You wouldn’t think you’d have to worry that your kid may hear something to make you go “Oh my” to with them but lordy mercy, was I wrong.

They were talking about Nelson Rockefeller, who was the Governor of New York and VP under Gerald Ford.  They were telling how he had this heart attack and keeled over whilst having sackshul relations with a 27 year old. 

#2 looks up….eyes big and says “What?!?!  He died having sex?!?!  What in the world was he doing having sex? He was too old for that!” 

I asked my youngest child, who still sorta believes in Santa, if he knew what it meant to have sex.  To my amazement, the boy pretty much knows sorta kinda how it works.  

It was just funny.