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Twisted Sista

It is 27 degrees outside. 

Why then…did I just now go to Sonic and get a Butterfinger Blast for lunch?  I treat myself to one of those maybe once or twice a year and never when it’s 27 degrees.  What is up with that?

It could be cause I just came from the Shrink’s office. Interesting discussion about past traumatic experiences and how we process them and how they can affect us forever.  I like my Shrink.  Nice feller who is very smart.  I told him he should go into Psychiatry for a living.  Hee. Funny Sista. 

Usually, I go in his office and say “yeah, the Adderall is good” and I’m in and out in a few minutes.  Today, I actually gave him some work to do.  Course, I was still probably the easiest case he’ll see today. 

I’m just glad I’m not nuts and the Shrink didn’t recommend committal or nothing.

Maybe that explains the Sonic Blast. I dunno. 

 It’s an awfully good Sonic Blast, I must say.

Oh, Aunt Bee

Y’all have to go look at this.  It’s Mr. Smiff and them live and in the flesh on the Mayberry’s Finest website.  You can even see the Mayberry-Mobile.  Please note the expression on Mr. Smiff’s face when the video stops.  It cracks me right on up.

Incidentally, Mayberry’s Finest products are in some grocery stores now.  Be looking for it and try it.  I hear the collard greens are really good.