Archive for January 28th, 2008

Go Lulu!

Y’all…Lulu Roman has lost a bunch of weight.  She looks amazing. Not like the same person at all.  Unbelievable how poundage can change your appearance.  She tells about how she did it here.

I haven’t lost as much as Lulu, but, I’ve lost somewhere betwixt 20-25 lbs since September.  The Chipmunk Cheeks aren’t quite as chipmunky now.  Praise!

This Is Familiar To Me…

When I got to work this morning, several people were talking about the little boy they saw on the news this morning with Asperger’s that sang the National Anthem at a Martin Luther King rally last week and how singing kinda zaps him into place. 

When #2 is doing homework, drawing, or anything that he’s focused on, he hums.  Sometimes, it’s at different pitches and different decibel levels.  All of this is interesting.  Perhaps music could be a very important key for some people with this? 

Go listen to David Militello sing.  It’s amazing.  I can’t help but laugh when he’s on the pew and he’s standing on his head.  That is what life with #2 is like sometimes. Welcome to my world.