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Too Young To Marry

I never knew this existed until a bit ago. Do you recognize the banjo player?

Public Service Announcment #2 For Leap Day

Listen up people…I’m only gonna say this once.  Please listen closely.

Grown up people that have stuffed animals sitting in the rear window of your vehicle?  It is not cute.  Besides being a potential hazard, it’s just weird.  This woman in my office who is 40 ish…sweet as can be….has a brand new, nice car, yet has stuffed animals all in the back window.  I want to shake her and say “Stop it!”

The one time I ever had to go to traffic school (moving violation..cutting off a police officer. Never had a speeding ticket)  the thing that stuck with me was the teacher saying how dangerous it is to have stuff in the back of your car.  This is so because they become moving projectiles in the event of an accident. 

I remember the guy telling of a Kleenex box in a rear window killing a woman.  So, if you have something like that in your back window, take it down.  We don’t want you to get kilt.

If you have stuffed animals…just take them down cause I said so. 

Yay For Me

You know how when you go to the dentist a couple times a year and you claim you floss? 

When I go next time, I’ll be able to say with all sincerity that I DO floss regularly.  I have been committed to becoming a flosser the last few weeks.  I’m obsessed with dental floss now.

Co-worker Darryl, who is about 7 feet tall and a Dental Assistant said the key thing with flossing, as he tells kids he sees…smell it.  If it stinks, that means you need to floss more.

Today’s Dental Tip From Sista brought to you by the American Dental Association…and Darryl the 7 foot tall Dental Assistant (who is a cool cat)

Livin’, Lovin’ & Losin’

I had just gotten over Co-Worker Dave leaving me for the Federal Government (it only took what, 4 months) and had finally stopped looking for him in his cube every snow-031.jpgmorning and then my girl, Cherry, drops a bomb (get it? a Cherry Bomb?) on me today that now SHE’S leaving me for Busy Mom’s workplace. Can you believe that?

I swanee to goodness. ..I think I have an issue and need a tissue.  I think this is why I’m a little skeered to get close to people and get overly fond of people cause they leave.  You keep a safe distance, then you don’t grieve when they go, right?

I have grown fond of a few people I’ve worked with through the years.  Only a handful of the folks I’ve worked with through the years have I been really fond of.

I do realize that’s not a healthy attitude to take and can lead to a lonely existence but I think somewhere in my psyche, that’s a fear I have and what led me down the path to Introvertedness, maybe.

I know I can still see her and all but it’s just different when they fly the coop.  I’ve seen Dave, what, two times since he left…a few emails….Old Co-Worker Patrick that I loved…do I evah hear from him?  Of course not…Even The Gentleman Formerly Known As My Boss (also a Dave)…has become a distant figure of my past.  My friend Brenda, that I used to work with….I haven’t seen her in ages and we live on the same side of town.

I do hear from my Shishter though.   I’ve seen her once in the last year but I hear from her nearly everyday.  That’s cause she’s my Shishter.

I’ll miss ol’ Cher’.  She’s wonderful to work next to.  Probably one of the most real people around.  Not a phony bone in her body.  Plus, she takes good pictures.

It’s Snowing Out There In The Gloaming…

snowday.jpgThe view from the hill where I work…overlooking Scenic Inglewood.

Wish I had more leave. I’da stayed home with the whole fan damily today. The newspeople made it sound like the Blizzard of the Century…”DON’T leave home unless you HAVE to” they said…all a’twitter. 

I think it took me 15 minutes to get to work and I live in one of the “hard hit” counties. 

**Update…it got heavier later.  It was so pretty.



J Dub had to get out and make him a snowball.

Because I’m Worth It…

I took Cherry’s advice and hightailed it over to the mall at lunch and got one of those chair massages.

Oh. Mah. Gawsh.  It was so fabulous, it almost made me consider smoking a cigarette.  (Not really)

I totally deserved that.  I haven’t had a massage since 2003 and that was the only one I’d ever had.

$20 for 22 minutes is not bad.  I felt it was worth every penny.

I think I will do that regularly. It might work that horrendous kink I have in my right shoulder blade that I’m always trying to get Mr. Smiff to rub his elbow on.  I think that gets on his nerves when I ask him to do that.

He never, I mean NEVER asks for a backrub or nothing.  I’d give it if’n he’d axt me.

I didn’t drool too bad when I went to sit up after my 22 minutes, neither.  I did have the thought that I paid some guy I’d never met before in my life to rub on me.  Heh.

Best $20 I’ve spent lately, fo sho. I highly recommend it.

The Candy Man Can

Martin Short was on Letterman a couple weeks ago.  He was killing me telling about meeting Pres. Bush.  I saved it for two weeks on the ol’ dvr so Mr. Smiff could see it.  He was pretty glad I did.