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God’s Will

I met this girl named Lisa, oh I guess it was about 5 years ago now. We taught a kids Bible Study together (ok, she did most of the teaching. That was before I accepted that children’s ministry is so not my gift).  We were freaked out because her husband went to the same church as I did long, long ago and her mother in law worked at my school,  blah blah (I can’t help that I know everybody in Middle Tennessee, y’all)

So anyhoo, that is not all the weird, freaky connection me and Lisa have.  See, my dad and Lisa’s dad were very good friends.  Her dad is also a radio guy.  We didn’t figure out this common thing til about a year ago.

Lisa is a brand new, first time Mom and she’s also blogging now.  You need to go see pictures of her and her sweet little feller and hear her story about the long journey they had to little Will.

You know the drill….go say howdy and tell her your Sista sent you.

I’m Older And Have More Insurance

You can watch Hazel’s show with Larry the Cable Guy Sam Bush today and tomorrow on CMT. I hope they didn’t edit out the line about Larry and the peas. Lordy mercy.

They’re even showing a good movie….Fried Green Tomatoes. Do you know it was years upon years before it dawned on me that the two characters in that movie were more than just best girlfriends? I’m usually pretty quick about stuff like that but not here. Maybe it’s cause I read the book way later. I do love that movie.

Did you know that the girl who played Idgie (Mary Stuart Masterson) in real life, her mama is the lady who played the mama in Sixteen Candles?

Just doing my part to throw you more useless, but interesting, trivia, friends and neighbors.

Who Knew Til Death Do Us Part Would Take So Long?

I could have written this comedy routine. I coulda. Just this last couple weeks alone could’ve written this comedy routine by Mrs. Hughes. She is hilarious, now.