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What Distinguished Musicians/Songwriters REALLY Look Like

 I didn’t know where to begin to look for the link to the post the Wonder Dawg did that time where he put the picture of himself with the Bubba teeth on ….the picture that was on his driver’s license. Maybe Kerry will be kind enough to leave the link in the comments.

This picture here is my distinguished friend, Scott.  Scott is wrong.  No, he’s wrawng.  You know how I know Scott is truly  twisted and sickly on the inside?  Because he talks like Sid the Sloth and can name the kid in school that he knew who talked like that.

When Scott lived in LA, I believe the story went that he put these teeth in on Halloween and greeted his trick or treaters, using an accent that’s a cross between Karl Childers and that guy on South Park that says “mmmmk?”  I can only imagine what those California kids thought of the redneck down the street.


Supah Sunday

I ended up watching the last half of the Superbowl with a room full of teens last night and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not so much the game, but, the kids had so much fun.

What was not so fun was getting a flat tire as I pulled into Chad & Kelly’s driveway. Chad and Mason came to my rescue and put the pretend tire on because of course, Mr. Smiff was out of pocket when it happened.

I saw halftime at Scott and Tara’s house and we marveled at how fantastic Tom Petty sounded and that we hoped he wouldn’t have a Wardrobe Malfunction. Tom Petty….wow. He was great.

I was at their house, not for the ballgame but to rehearse for a marriage event we’re doing this Friday. (7:30…Bluegrass Baptist-Hendersonville…much fun) I don’t want to give away what songs we’re doing but I’ll just say that they don’t mention Jesus in them. Scott says I can’t play my tambourine neither. Can you believe that???

I took pictures of the various places my person was at and I’ll put them up later.

The big thought I have this morning and have had….why oh why did I not name one of my sons Plexico? I mean….duh?

Does it mean I’m old because I distinctly remember Super Bowl 13? It was Dallas against Pittsburgh.  I think Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Greene were on that team.  It snowed like crazy that night.   Yes, I am elderly.