I ended up watching the last half of the Superbowl with a room full of teens last night and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not so much the game, but, the kids had so much fun.

What was not so fun was getting a flat tire as I pulled into Chad & Kelly’s driveway. Chad and Mason came to my rescue and put the pretend tire on because of course, Mr. Smiff was out of pocket when it happened.

I saw halftime at Scott and Tara’s house and we marveled at how fantastic Tom Petty sounded and that we hoped he wouldn’t have a Wardrobe Malfunction. Tom Petty….wow. He was great.

I was at their house, not for the ballgame but to rehearse for a marriage event we’re doing this Friday. (7:30…Bluegrass Baptist-Hendersonville…much fun) I don’t want to give away what songs we’re doing but I’ll just say that they don’t mention Jesus in them. Scott says I can’t play my tambourine neither. Can you believe that???

I took pictures of the various places my person was at and I’ll put them up later.

The big thought I have this morning and have had….why oh why did I not name one of my sons Plexico? I mean….duh?

Does it mean I’m old because I distinctly remember Super Bowl 13? It was Dallas against Pittsburgh.  I think Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Greene were on that team.  It snowed like crazy that night.   Yes, I am elderly.