I didn’t know where to begin to look for the link to the post the Wonder Dawg did that time where he put the picture of himself with the Bubba teeth on ….the picture that was on his driver’s license. Maybe Kerry will be kind enough to leave the link in the comments.

This picture here is my distinguished friend, Scott.  Scott is wrong.  No, he’s wrawng.  You know how I know Scott is truly  twisted and sickly on the inside?  Because he talks like Sid the Sloth and can name the kid in school that he knew who talked like that.

When Scott lived in LA, I believe the story went that he put these teeth in on Halloween and greeted his trick or treaters, using an accent that’s a cross between Karl Childers and that guy on South Park that says “mmmmk?”  I can only imagine what those California kids thought of the redneck down the street.