I tell you what’s the truth…I could so do without these starms that’s blowing through the Music City tonight. Your Sista is not enjoying herself.

Mr. Smiff is up there in Wiscaaaaaaaaaaahnsin tonight and they may be stuck in the snow for the duration.

I’ve never heard hail hit the top of my roof like it did a little bit ago…not in the 11 years I’ve lived here. The tornado that was on the radar (and possibly on the ground) in Sumner County, was a little East of us, more toward the lake.

#2 went and got in my bed and said “I’m gonna sleep with you cause you’ll protect me.” I told him that the Lord was hovering about and we didn’t have to be scared. After the hail stopped, I had to catch my breath a little and let my heartrate go back to normal. Funny how you go into Mother Mode at times like that. You get scared afterwards.

I wish I had me an organ. Why? Cause I’d do like my Dad’s family did when they were kids and storms hit…my Aunt Lady would play “God Will Take Care of You” on the organ. I’ve got a keyboard somewhere, but, I think I’m gonna listen to Mahalia do it up right.