Mel Tillis wrote a fabulous song long ago that went a little somethin’ like this:

I never was your woman, cause you were never true..So all in all, if the curtain should fall, I hope that it falls on you…Then I’ll have sweet, sweet mental revenge….

Just about every weekend since early December, I have been confronted with my past. The Past is in the form of a very, average looking, ordinary, 40ish, father of 3 who coaches one of the other basketball teams in #2’s league.

It has produced a plethora of thoughts, emotions, memories. I found myself remembering things I haven’t thought of in nearly 20 years. People, conversations, specific moments in my Rainman mind that have made me giggle and made me want to cry.

Stuff like that is probably good for you to have come up now and then so you can look at yaself and say “Wow….I’ve come a long way, baby.”

Some things stay with you, whether you think about it or not. You can move right along in your life and be content, etc. It has nothing to do with whatever relationship you are in now. Your past is just part of your history and journey. Sometimes we don’t get the closure we’d like to have. Sometimes closure takes nearly 20 years.

I believe that my former friend of long ago is a nice feller who probably would feel bad if he knew that the sight of him caused the first smidgen of anxiety and uncomfortableness. (If I were a betting person, the sight of your Sista probably didn’t exactly make him giddy, neither) I don’t forsee the Smiffs hanging out with the Losers anytime soon.  It was all in all, pleasant .  He has a lovely family and they appear to be doing very well…all seem healthy, happy…all that.

It was kinda fun in a way to see the Old Boy, but, then again, my feelings woulda not been hurt had I not. I did thoroughly enjoy visiting several times lately at the games with his mother who I adored then and still do. She is truly one of the gooder people I’ve ever known.

That said….the little devil on my left shoulder was simply gleeful and couldn’t help but notice the sweet irony in the fact that #2’s team beat this team every time they faced them during the season, including today in the first tournament game that eliminated them.

There was a part of me that just laughed right on out loud. Part of me wanted to do the Stillwell Angel chant from “A League of Their Own” “You’re gonna lo-ose…you sti-ink.”

I honestly never thought of enacting any sort of revenge on the Coach of the LOSING Basketball team for hauling off and escaping with your Sista’s purity. (Before True Love Waits, my Baptist friends)

There is just some twisted sweet, sweet Mental Revenge in the form of 9-10 year old boys running up and down a basketball court. Hee. Whoda thunk that would close a long ago chapter? Not me.

#2’s nose had an unfortunate encounter with a bouncy, bouncy bawwwwl today. Bounced up, hit his nose and his little nose commenced to bleeding like there was no tomorrow. He gets nosebleeds often and they are usually light and brief. This sucker bled and bled.

He’s ok though…nose not broken.