I’m not disturbed that I’m 39 today. I do find it hard to believe that I’ll be 40 this time next year, but, I don’t have any problems with it. I am finding I like things as I get older. I certainly like myself a whole lot better now than I did, say, on my 19th birthday.

I tend to post this photo on my birthday cause I like it.

junie__sandra___barbara.jpg This is my Mom on the way to Pacific Hospital in Long Beach, CA  on February 10, 1969. That’s my Aunt Junie and my sister.

I kinda like this picture of myself too.


Now, if we saw a pregnant woman with Marlboros on her belly today, we’d call the Pregnant Police on her and she would be called a terrible mother.

This is another favorite picture made the day I was born, actually pretty quick after I was born.

Because this was soooo long ago, they didn’t let Dad’s in the delivery room.  My Aunt Junie took this of Dad calling my Grandma and Pop Collie in San Antonio to let them know that I had arrived.  I can almost hear his half laugh/half cry.  Hee.

Something else that kinda makes me go “whoa” about being 39 is that I’m almost the same age as my Dad was there.  He was 42.  Mom was a babe of 34.