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Putting The Hall In Hall Of Fame

It is SO about time somebody on the Hall of Fame committee decided that maybe it was time to get their head out of their hind end and put Pop Stoneman in the Country Music Hall of Fame.  I mean, the man only made some of the first country recordings ever.  Plus, he fathered something like 23 children. (One of which is Roni! Whoo!) Pop was a stud.

For real, I’m glad that Pop’s finally going in.

The Statler Brothers…oh my gosh, yes indeed.

Does this mean that Lester “Roadhog” Moran and the Cadillac Cowboys also have secured their spot in the HOF? For real…will it be Lew Dewitt, Jimmy Fortune or both?

Tom T. Hall? Oh heavens….they don’t call him “The Storyteller” for nothing. Tom T. should be considered Country Music’s official Poet Laureate. Just read some of his lyrics.

And what more can be said about Emmy? She made me love and appreciate old Country Music.

Hell Freezes Over

Three of ladies are daughters of my Aunt Junie (in the picture below with the beehive hairdo).  The blonde second from the left is the daughter of my Aunt Joy. I don’t have to go into any sort of detail but I do want it known that this photo is a stinkin’ miracle.  Just trust me on this.   women_of_faith.jpg

I hope to see more photos like this.