I’ve been sorta watching this Gone Country show on CMT. The one with the washed up celebrities from other genres that John Rich is seeing if he can make country stars.

A coupla things have been disturbing me about this show:

One….Maureen McCormick, aka Marcia Brady. I thinkmarcia.jpg instead of trying to make her a country artist, they need to first try to get her to be not so…..like Jan. Poor ol girl is just hung up on some stuff. Like that whole Marcia Brady thing seems to be a bit of a problem for her.

George Lindsey is a much happier, contented individual nowgooberautog.jpg that he’s embraced his inner Goober. (We all need to embrace our inner Goober, don’t we?) George got over it, capitalized on it, and everything’s a.o.k.

Maureen is really not over that. Every single show is Maureen just a’cryin’ and all those tears seem to somehow go back to Marcia.

Good lord, her tv brother Peter cavorts on camera nekkid with his wife…he’s ok with Peter. Just cash that check and go on to the house.

For real ‘do…that’s kinda sad that after all these years, the poor girl is not comfortable with herself.

She wouldn’t even sing onstage. Apparently, Maureen was insecure about her ability. I don’t guess it would have anything to do with this, would it?

Something that REALLY bothered me today on this show:

The house the people stayed in is that Fontanel…the former home of Barbara Mandrell, right? Now, last I checked, the Fontanel was located in Whites Creek, TN. That would be somewhat North of Nashville, a little off of I-24 or you can go down Old Hickory Blvd.

Unless they moved the house…why in the world did they show the Celebs going to the grocery store at the Grassland Market??????

I guess the average viewer out there has no clue where Grassland is. I know Grassland very well. I had tons of friends in that area. I know Berry’s Chapel, the old CY Market, Kirby’s Texaco….your Sista knows Grassland.

Those in the Nashville area know where Grassland is. It is not anywhere even close to Whites Creek. Grassland is part of Franklin.

What in the name of HEB is wrong with the grocery stores that aren’t in Williamson County? Yes, God lives in Williamson County. We all know that.

(Speaking of HEB…that’s one thing Texas has that Tennessee doesn’t. We need some HEB in Tennessee. Just so I can tell my kids what HEB stands fer)

Maybe Hazel can get her friends at CMT to explain that one. I’m sure the Grassland Market people paid handsomely to have Carnie Wilson and Marcia Brady shop in their store.

All that just got on my nerves.

I was less disturbed by Carnie Wilson’s whining cause she had her gastric bypass live on the internet that time. Plus, I love that song she and her sister did with that Wilson girl. And she’s Brian Wilson’s kid.