One of the hidden talents the Smiffs have is coming up with people who look like famous people.  Just regular people we run across or famous people….me and Mr. Smiff are good at that. (More stuff we waste our brain energy on)

In the latest installment of “Sista Compares People Who Look Alike“, I’m about to blow your mind.  You will be saying “Oh mah gawsh! She’s right!” And I bet you hadn’t thought of this before.

Dig if you will…

Sean Hannity….are we 100% sure that he is not the illegitimate son of Sargent Shriver?  Those two look alike, sound alike….it’s quite scary, actually.


174px-sargent_shriver.jpg sarge_and_mlk_corbis_.jpg

I’ve always thought Sargent Shriver was one heckuva good looking feller and I also think Sean Hannity is hawter than a two dollah pistol. (Please, no political nothings, k? This isn’t about that. It’s about handsome men)

They aired a fabulous documentary recently on Sargent Shriver on PBS.   Did you see it?  Look for it.  I don’t know that I’ve ever used the word “riveting”here but this really is.

Wait, there’s more…

My talented cousin, Julie Hanson, is an amazing singer who has appeared on Broadway as Christine in “Phantom” and done all sorts of things.  She’s my dad’s sister’s grandaughter…my aunt Joy, who incidentally, is in the hospital.

Anyway, I was watching Austin City Limits last night and Norah Jones was on.  It occurred to me that Julie and Norah, who are also the same age, look a LOT alike.

julie-hanson.jpg norah-jones-01.jpg