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I Tried…And I Tried…

I don’t understand the love affair people have with Panera.  I have one practically in my backyard.  I’ve eaten at it once since it was built.  I found it very mediocre.

Today, my co-workers wanted to go there.  “Oh it’s my favorite place to eat” said They.    Ok, so maybe I was wrong and that one time I was there was an off day. I will give it another shot.


I don’t get it.   I’m not hard to please with food.  The Chicken Salad was, at best, mediocre.  I’ve had the soup in the bread bowl and I found it sorta nasty-ish. 

What is it that I’m missing here?  It must be the same, tragically unhipness thing I have that causes me to miss what’s so great about Starbucks.  I do like the atmosphere at Starbucks.  I like the Frappacino’s (on occasion) but coffee-wise?  Give me Folger’s anyday over that stuff that never fails to leave an after-taste with me.

I tried, people…I really tried. I am hopeless in the Hip Department, I’m ‘fraid.



I had forgotten about this.  This portrait hung over our piano the whole time I was growing up.  It was painted by some artist that did some famous (or sorta kinda but not really famous) painting of Elvis or something. 

My mother didn’t have it hanging up while she was married to my stepfather.  After he died, all these pictures came out. 

The only thing about it though…I don’t think it looks like my sister a whole lot.  I have the real photo of this somewhere.

Oscar Hairdos and Various and Sundry Other Nonsense

I am the last person on the earth qualified to speak about fashion.  I am well aware of this. 

I couldn’t help but notice Cameron Diaz presenting on the Oscars last night.  She is so adorable and had on this great dress, probably by some grand designer that cost in the thousands upon thousands…she looked like a goddess, except he hair…it looks like she just threw it on top of her head…”Oh, I’m going to the Oscars….I just don’t have time to fix my hair.”  What is the deal with that??? (I tried to find a picture but couldn’t)

Daniel Day Lewis…weird haircut and all…I think he is hawt.


Now, that little French gal that won Best Actress?  She was adorable.  ss-080224-oscarawards-08_widec.jpgShe reminds me of my friend Cherry, the photographer.  Cherry thought I had done gone crazy when I told her that this morning.  The girl can’t take a compliment. 

Cherry won runner-up in some sort of photography contest with a picture of the Holy Tara.  Isn’t that cool?  I’m not gonna tell the HT though.  She’ll want royalties or something.  This is the picture she won with..