I am the last person on the earth qualified to speak about fashion.  I am well aware of this. 

I couldn’t help but notice Cameron Diaz presenting on the Oscars last night.  She is so adorable and had on this great dress, probably by some grand designer that cost in the thousands upon thousands…she looked like a goddess, except he hair…it looks like she just threw it on top of her head…”Oh, I’m going to the Oscars….I just don’t have time to fix my hair.”  What is the deal with that??? (I tried to find a picture but couldn’t)

Daniel Day Lewis…weird haircut and all…I think he is hawt.


Now, that little French gal that won Best Actress?  She was adorable.  ss-080224-oscarawards-08_widec.jpgShe reminds me of my friend Cherry, the photographer.  Cherry thought I had done gone crazy when I told her that this morning.  The girl can’t take a compliment. 

Cherry won runner-up in some sort of photography contest with a picture of the Holy Tara.  Isn’t that cool?  I’m not gonna tell the HT though.  She’ll want royalties or something.  This is the picture she won with..