I took Cherry’s advice and hightailed it over to the mall at lunch and got one of those chair massages.

Oh. Mah. Gawsh.  It was so fabulous, it almost made me consider smoking a cigarette.  (Not really)

I totally deserved that.  I haven’t had a massage since 2003 and that was the only one I’d ever had.

$20 for 22 minutes is not bad.  I felt it was worth every penny.

I think I will do that regularly. It might work that horrendous kink I have in my right shoulder blade that I’m always trying to get Mr. Smiff to rub his elbow on.  I think that gets on his nerves when I ask him to do that.

He never, I mean NEVER asks for a backrub or nothing.  I’d give it if’n he’d axt me.

I didn’t drool too bad when I went to sit up after my 22 minutes, neither.  I did have the thought that I paid some guy I’d never met before in my life to rub on me.  Heh.

Best $20 I’ve spent lately, fo sho. I highly recommend it.