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Too Young To Marry

I never knew this existed until a bit ago. Do you recognize the banjo player?

Public Service Announcment #2 For Leap Day

Listen up people…I’m only gonna say this once.  Please listen closely.

Grown up people that have stuffed animals sitting in the rear window of your vehicle?  It is not cute.  Besides being a potential hazard, it’s just weird.  This woman in my office who is 40 ish…sweet as can be….has a brand new, nice car, yet has stuffed animals all in the back window.  I want to shake her and say “Stop it!”

The one time I ever had to go to traffic school (moving violation..cutting off a police officer. Never had a speeding ticket)  the thing that stuck with me was the teacher saying how dangerous it is to have stuff in the back of your car.  This is so because they become moving projectiles in the event of an accident. 

I remember the guy telling of a Kleenex box in a rear window killing a woman.  So, if you have something like that in your back window, take it down.  We don’t want you to get kilt.

If you have stuffed animals…just take them down cause I said so. 

Yay For Me

You know how when you go to the dentist a couple times a year and you claim you floss? 

When I go next time, I’ll be able to say with all sincerity that I DO floss regularly.  I have been committed to becoming a flosser the last few weeks.  I’m obsessed with dental floss now.

Co-worker Darryl, who is about 7 feet tall and a Dental Assistant said the key thing with flossing, as he tells kids he sees…smell it.  If it stinks, that means you need to floss more.

Today’s Dental Tip From Sista brought to you by the American Dental Association…and Darryl the 7 foot tall Dental Assistant (who is a cool cat)