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The Times They Are A’Changin’

Whilst I’m plumb tickled about the new movie theater that opens almost in my backyard today….I’m one of the ones who is a bit a’feared of what the traffic situation is going to be. It’s already ridiculous and it happened, literally overnight.  For real, one day, Indian Lake Blvd. was just like it always was and then one day….I found myself sitting in traffic. I kinda don’t like that.

I’m pumped about having a Barnes & Noble so close….a Cracker Barrel, Red Robin, etc…it’s not gonna be pretty.

Hendersonville is not prepared for this much traffic. 


There’s A Duck Driving That Car!


These duckies were in the parking lot of Panera yesterday. (Yeah, I am not crazy about Panera but I just had coffee there with friends yesterday).  Two or three cars drove by, rolled down the window and quacked really loud.

Reminded me of the Garry Shandling routine about people mooing at cows as if the cows will say “Hey…there’s a cow driving that car!”

It’s not an unsual sight to see ducks in this parking lot or the surrounding ones.  I saw a momma duck with her babies in the middle of the Kroger parking lot last summer.  I thought she was gonna attack me when I got too close to peek.

Ah nature.