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I Can’t Believe This

Oh my gosh…no!

Patrick Swayze is very ill and apparently will not be with us long.  It hits me the same way Michael Landon did…oddly enough, he has the same thing.  Both fit guys…not old…

What I loved Swayze in the most was The Outsiders.  I had this picture on my wall…outsiders.jpg

I liked him in Ghost, too. 

Terrible stuff.


45 Years

March 5, 1963….Cowboy Copas, Patsy Cline, Hawkshaw Hawkins and Randy Hughes died in a plane crash. 224431_550x550_mb_art_r0.jpg

About a year and a half ago, me, Kerry and Chris had the opportunity to stop at the crash site.292806164_7f9b620bdd.jpg

Patsy has always had a lot of press and it’s been something of a thorn in the side of Jean Shepard, who is Hawkshaw Hawkins’ widow and with good reason. 

 Hawkshaw Hawkins was a fantastic singer and performer.  The music community was pretty crazy about him.  

Jean was 8 months pregnant with their second son when the crash happened.  Let that fall on you for a second…she had one baby and was just about to have another one and her husband dies in a plane crash.

Cowboy Copas was a great performer and a fabulous guitarist.

Kathy Hughes lost not only her father, Cowboy Copas, but, her husband, Randy Hughes who was ALSO the pilot of the plane and who made the decision to fly onto Nashville, after refueling in Dyersburg, even though the weather was bad. 

Charlie Dick, Patsy’s widower, was left with two small children who now had no mother.

Legends aside…this crash was a tragedy of enormous, personal proportions.