I noticed cameras out in front of my office yesterday when I went to the Sonic at lunchtime…didn’t think much about it. 

Then, on the news last night, they did this story about the baby owl falling out of the tree and the wildlife people putting it back with its mama in a laundry basketThe Channel 5 people covered it, too.

We went out to look this morning and y’all…look at my cool picture I took of Mama Owl.


I was pretty proud the new camera got such a good closeup.  Believe you me, I didn’t get too close to that tree.

I wonder if Mama Owl there knows X the Owl that lives in my pine tree in my front yard? 

***Update-Channel 4 did a little update and showed my picture.  I wanted to hear Dan Miller say my name but he di-int.  Dan, I’m  hurt, man.