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I went over to read Dave’s Window cause I haven’t read him awhile.  Dadgum, that Dave is witty.  He’s also gonna be a dad again thanks to the charming and smart blogger Violet. 

I found this test over at Dave’s.  It made me so happy when I took it.  It’s the Classic Dames Test.  Because classic movies are one of my most favorite of all guilty pleasures, I was pretty pumped about this.

You are so dying to know what it said about me aren’t you? Huh? Huh? Huh?

rosalind-russell.jpgYes!  It matched me most with Rosalind Russell, who is one of my favorites. It says that I have 11% grit, 52% wit, 23% flair, 16% class – Rosalind Russell.  I love that.  I’m not surprised I’m rather low on the Grit and Class thing but the Wit and Flair….yes indeed.

 Oh and whilst looking for a great photo of Roz…I stumbled upon this hilarious blog.


Like Nobody’s Watching

I just got back from an exercise class where we did what they’re doing in this video.

You talk about fun! Lordy mercy….my kids, my 14 year old daughter in particular, would have DIED if they’d have seen their mama doing this stuff. I think I might use this as a potential punishment in the future. Hmmm…that’s an idea. “If you backtalk me, young lady, you will have to come to Zumba class with me!” Heh.

It dawned on me whilst I was shimmying that my shimmy was rusty. Then it dawned on me that I have never shimmied on purpose, in public. All these dance moves, I’ve never done. That’s because I’ve never danced as a grown up. I want to emphasize that I can dance and have good rythym (I was spawned from two, very fine dancers) but because I never allowed myself to just let er’ rip, I sat and watched. Stoooo-pid.

When I was a kid, I LOVED the movie Grease. (Still love it) I mean, I wanted to step inside of Rydell High and hang with Rizzo, Frenchie, Sandy, Danny and the whole gang. It took nearly 30 years, but, I FINALLY did the Hand Jive today in that there Zumba class. I felt like Cha Cha when she and Danny won the dance contest trophy. It was fabulous. I’m sure I looked ridiculous but how fun….My co-worker Amy and I had a ball and will definitely go back.