Go and celebrate your Irish heritage today, even if you aren’t Irish. 

I happen to be of the Scotch-Irish variety, descending from the Sullivan’s (mother’s maiden name) who were originally the “O’Sullivan’s“. The Fife’s of Mississippi, of which my maternal grandmother came from was part of my Scotch part….then you go back and there’s some French on the maternal great-grandmother’s side but then you take the Collie side….Collie is English, although my way yonder back grandpa, John Collie came to America from Scotland.

On the same side of the pater familias, there was the Nickells (paternal great grandmother and that link there does indeed go to my branch of the Nickells) and they were Irish, although the surname was originally Nickhaill.

My kids are full of Irish too from their Pappy’s side.  On that side, they descend from various McKinneys, Gwynn’s, O’Bryant’s…my father in law looks like an Irishman, actually.  Fiddle and all…

I don’t know percentages and stuff but one of the Irish thangs I inherited was the fair skin and black hair. Shut up. My hair used to be black before the good Lawd thought I needed to look “wise” and “distinguished.”

This clip of the Chieftains in Nashville makes me want to do that Lord of the Dance thing. I just might do it today. If I feel moved, I will. My co-workers would love that. They already think I’m a “musician” so maybe I can make them think I’m a dancer. Heh.