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I Know A Little Sumthin’ Bout Birthin’ Babies

Last summer, I knew my former co-worker’s wife was pregnant before he or she did

I was pretty tickled Saturday to get a text from Daddy Dave with nothing but this face….Zaley Marie.


I know probably 10 people who have had babies in the last couple months or will be in the next month.  I am sho’ glad it ain’t me.



sunglasses.jpgI think when my time comes for cataract surgery, I will look awfully hot in the sunglasses, don’t you?

I had never had my eyes numbed before.  Ick. And. Ick.  The eye doctor pronunced my retinas pristine and said nothing about no funky nerves.  I don’t have glaucoma neither.  Praise!

All three of my offspring pronounced me as reminding them of Mimi wearing these things. That blessed me tremendously. 

 Which reminds me of when my mother had  cataract surgery done.  Most people don’t have complications with that surgery.  No.  Except my mother.  I don’t even remember exactly what the problem was but she was in a lot of pain.  I had to go get her and take her all the way out to Franklin…lead her in the office.  She was moaning and groaning.  It was great.  Even with her Grandma Collie Glasses on, the light was bothering her. 

l never forget leading her into the office and there was some little kid there with his grandparent and he ran and hid cause he thought Mimi was a monster.  Ahahahahahaha….it was all I could do to not lose it.  It was tragic because there was nobody there to share in my entertainment of the whole scene.  I texted my sister to try to share some of the humor in the moment, but, she didn’t find it so funny.  Well, it WAS funny.  It just was.

I’m curious as to whether there will be funny moments this Thursday when Mom has to have a surgical procedure.  She asked me the other day…”You didn’t tell your Blog (like my blog is its own person) about my bladder, did you?”  Not yet.  She has some polyps on her bladder, it seems so she’s going to get those taken care of.  Mom doped up is always entertaining. 

I’m not worried about her outcome yet.  I’m not going to worry until I need to.  So y’all who pray or do karma or whatever …throw some at the Meem, would ya?

Sista In A Quandry

I’m going to the eye doctor today.  I’m thinking of trying contacts again.  I wore one some number of years ago and I got frustrated with it and in typical, Sista fashion, I gave up pretty quick.  I think I’m gonna need two this time since that was going on ten years ago and I know my vision has gone downhill since. 

I want some cool glasses too but then again, I hated wearing glasses cause they made me feel old.  At the same time, I’d like to be able to read something comfortably and quit making more wrinkles from squinting.  I squint so much, I don’t even realize it.  I realize I’m squinting on those rare moments I’m not squinting, then I think to myself “Wow…I’m not squinting…this feels weird.”  I’ve been thataway for years thanks to astigmatism.  Last time I had an eye exam, they told me my nerves in my eyes were shaped weird. (Thanks for noticing) That was the optometerist down at the Wal Marts though.  Today, I’m going to an opthamologist so we’ll see what she says. 

It dawns on me that I bet she’ll dilate my pupils.  Joy oh glory oh joy at that.  Maybe, if I’m lucky, I can get some of those old people, temporary sunglasses.  They remind me a little of those shade sunglasses my Grandma was so fond of…..heh.  I haven’t thought of that in years.  It makes me laugh , thinking of seeing her stick her shades into her old lady glasses.i_ll_be_dam.jpg