When I was at my Mom’s house today, I found some stuff I didn’t know was still around and it tickled me to death.

I found the very first two cd’s I ever owned. 

One was Neil Young and the Shocking Pinks-Everybody’s Rockin’, which I purchased at the recommendation of one Steve Goodhue.  I worked with Steve at the Hall of Fame.  He was one of the first, real free spirits I knew.  (I was 18 then remember?)  He was in his late 20’s or early 30’s at the time and was so creative and funny. 


The last time I saw Steve was at my wedding reception in 1989.  Has anybody seen Steve?  Tell him I said hey.  He was just the coolest feller. 

He would make these album/tapes of his own songs.  He’d make his own album covers, like one in particular I remember he called “Hubcap Annie.”  He took this picture of himself in front of the old Hubcap Annie building on Wedgewood. 

I remember going with Steve and his girlfriend, Annie, to see a show at the Belcourt Theater that had Rodney Crowell, Vince Gill, Rosanne Cash, John D. Loudermilk, John Hiatt, Pat McLaughlin…1987.  The last year I really had lots of fun.  That was the year I saw TONS of amazing, live music.  Sometimes I wish I could turn the clock back to that year.

Then the other one….oh boy this is a good ern….

otis.jpg  I think my friend from high school, Billy Robinson, gave this to me.  Either him or Dave Rice.  I think it was Billy.  He gave it to me for Christmas. I think the year was 1986.  Whoa. 

Something else these cds remind me of is how when I got my first cd player, which seems to me, was quite expensive at the time, it messed up the first week.  I remember asking Alan Stoker, who is the Recording Engineer Extraordinaire at the HOF what he thought it could be and he said “Sounds like your laser is messed up.”  My laser.  How high tech was that for the time, I ask you?

These cd’s still sound as good as they did over 20 years ago and have given me a large happy today, which was a weird day.