My sister is at the hospital with Mom this morning.  I don’t feel so bad since I got to take her to not one, but, two ER trips in January.  I don’t want to hog all the fun, ya know.  She said Mom was her usual, patient self whilst waiting her turn.  (Hee.)  I think she said something about mumbling about not getting to have any coffee, food or smokes. 

Here’s Mom the other day with her new friend Gingah.


Here’s my mom long, long ago…


I want her to be ok.  She’s a hoot to be around.

So, I’m off today.  I have the niece and nephew in my custody and along with #2, we’re going on some sort of adventure today.  What that entails, I do not know.  But we’re gonna do something.  I want to go to the Hermitage.