We met up with my sister and her Chilluns and got some real, bonafide cult-cha at the Frist Center.  I appreciation.jpghad never been to the actual museum.  I’ve eaten at the Cafe there when I worked across the street.  That’s awful of me.  Who knew that under 18 is free? Not I.

Now, I don’t know a plum-dilly skadoo about fine art, however, I dug me some Monet’s, Picasso’s, Dali’s, Van Gogh’s, Renoir’s and the like.  It made me wish I knew a little something. 

The only way I knew who Renoir was from Terms of Endearment when Shirley MacLaine used her Renoir to lure Jack Nicholson into her bedroom.  That’s terrible.

The kids really dug the place upstairs where they could make their own art.  We spent a long time up there.  drawring.jpg

It was hilarious when I was at the table making my own Tiffany design and there was this little girl sitting next to me.  She was maybe 6.  You could tell that she probably lived in Zip Code 37205, 37220 or 37215. 

The little girl got up and disappeared for probably 5 + minutes.  While she was gone, The Holy Tara came and sat down and commenced to making her own Tiffany design.   A few minutes later, the Girl shows back up and says to the HT, really snotty, “Um, excuse me…but that was MY seat.”   I told the HT to stay where she was. 

I got up to leave and HT says “Don’t leave me here with Snobby Rich Kid.” 

Snobby Rich Kid proceeded to order my nephew and #2 around one of the other exhibits.  I bet her name was Blythe or something like Sloan.   We all wanted to slap her silly.

I made my way up to the exciting Metropolis of Ashland City (pretty soon they’re gonna have a sign at the City Limits that says “Home of Brittney” you mark my word).  I went up there to see my boss’s band the Chilljammers throw it down.

Some things I noticed about Ashland City…they grow the boys very tall up there.  There was some quite handsome, young, tall guys up there.  I don’t know what I expected to see, but, that was not it.

Those people had the best time. Especially my boss’s wife.  She did not miss a dance.



Have I ever told y’all what a cool boss I have?  He is.  He’s not somebody you want to see show up with clipboard in hand, if’n you happen to operate an eating establishment, hotel/motel, or tattoo place. If he shows up, then that’s not good.  However, he is a nice, nice guy and he can sing.