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There’s An Empty Grave

I know my Redeemer lives. Happy Easter.


In Which Your Sista Gets Out Of The House


Check out this fine looking bunch. would ya?  Mista Kloywnhuywda’s in the picture too but he didn’t want to be.   It’s kinda like playing “Where’s Waldo?”  He’s there.   I think he was the official roastee today.  Malia left just as I got there (was it something I said? Did I smell?) But I was glad to see her, even if for just a second.2352375345_01b2b77f34.jpg I haven’t seen these ho’s since Kate’s party last summer.  Actually, I think it’s been longer than that since I’d seen Kathy T.

I haven’t seen Ginger since about October, however, today was the second time in a week I’d seen her.  Hadn’t seen Lesley since Kate’s either.


I was pretty glad to escape enjoy some quality social time today.  My coach turned back into a pumpkin all too soon and it was back to the house to referee.

From Whence Cometh My Strength…

I know I posted this same song last Good Friday…but it does explain it all for me.

Birthday Girl


I hope that if the good Lord lets me live to be 83, that I’ll be half as spunky, positive, and have sucha loving-life outlook, half as much as Miss Polly does. What a cool lady.  Her life has not been an easy one, as is nobody’s.  She works in my office and keeps everybody in line.  mizz-polly.jpg When she’s not in the office on vacation or something and I fill in for her on the phones, EVERYBODY that walks in the door wants to know where she is.  Everybody loves Miss Polly.

I asked her for some pearls of wisdom for us on her birthday.  She said this…in her beautiful, French accent:

“Trust in ‘ze Lord and choose happiness.”

Pretty good advice.


img_1032.jpgLast week, one day when it was really warm, Mrs. BAGLESS, one of my co-workers said “Come look at this.”  Look out the window and we see this ol’ gal enjoying her lunchtime.  I mean, she was into it…img_1034.jpg

I thought it was pretty brilliant to have the cab down and her comfy chair and just chillin’ at lunchtime.  Why didn’t I think of that?

Sunday’s Coming

If you don’t have any plans for Easter morning and you want somewhere to celebrate Up From The Grave He Arose, then you need to just mozy on out to Bluegrass Baptist Church in Hendersonville. One…Matt’s gonna give a good Word but you can also see two bloggers warble. 

It will either be a historical or hysterical moment when Ginger, the lovely and talented Jana (not a blogger but her better half is known to lurk about here) and Your Sista sing a little song. 

The church is at 235 Indian Lake Road, Hendersonville.  Very easy to find.  Don’t be firghtened off with the “church” thing.  Matt is not your mama and daddy’s Baptist preacher.

Viva Viagra

A couple months back, Mr. S. got called in, with his bandmates, to audition for a Viagra commercial.  Yep…Viva Viagra.  From what I understand, every Bluegrass picker in town was there to audition.  I don’t know how many in all came to audition, but, out of all those that showed up, only one real Bluegrass Dude was chosen. (It was not the Mister…dammit.)

Please go here to see the new Viagra commercial and see if you recognize anybody.


I think it’s pretty dang swell that Uncle Bobo will make him some nice change on this commercial.  What I DON’T get is why on earth they had to bring in actors to be Bluegrass people.  I’m sorry, but, Bluegrass music’s got some charming dudes who probably would be able to sell some blue pills.   I’d have loved to see any of the Bluegrass guys on that commercial.  Lord knows Bluegrass pickers enjoy the benefits of the stuff…I could name several who could be poster boys for Viagra, but, I won’t cause this is a Christian blog and we don’t gossip here.  Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

**Update-I lied…there are a couple real musicians on there I just didn’t know them.  Kenny Kosek on fiddle and Eric Weissberg, (he was part of that famous “Dueling Banjos” from Deliverance, ya know…I know of Weissberg, but, obviously wouldn’t know him if I ran into him down at the Kmarts.