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Happy Birthday

This is my very favorite 6 year old.  My niece, Hannah, is having a birthday today!  6 going on 16 fo sho.

Hannah is a trip.  She told her kindergarten teacher not long ago, when they were going on a field trip that her mother could come with them because she “Doesn’t do nothing all day except eat popcorn.” 

She cracks her Auntie up.




Just Shoot Me…Now

Annoying, Loud, Shrill Co-Worker Next-To-Your-Sista….is at it again.

I couldn’t have made this up if I’da wanted to. 

There has been another car accident.  Yes.  Not only that, she just bought a brand new car, but, fortunately, she got rear-ended in her old car.  So…all morning, I have heard her on the phone with the insurance company.

I swear, when I got rear-ended back in November, I think I made maybe 2 or 3 phone calls all total. 

If this drags out til Christmas, I’m gonna be pissed.


Shindig At The Hall

 I had my picture made with Emmy once many years ago, but, it didn’t come out.  Finally got one. Wow.

I also snug me a new feller while at the Hall last night…all these years and he’s one I never had my picture made with. 

Dickens and Collie’s go back quite the long way.

  This nice lady came up to me and said “I know who you are”….I got to meet NM!  That was fun.

Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller did “Love Hurts” and just about kilt me.  That’s one of my top ten favorite songs ever and they brung it, as did Guy Clark. 

Oh, and I can’t let it slide that Petah Cooper, in all his glorious, eye-candy-ness…was also there. (He’s chatting here with his Cowboy-ness, Jack Clement. 

The absolute classiest move of the evening occurred when somebody knocked their drink over.  I’m not naming names, but, it was not me.

More pictures on the Flickr….>>

Sinking To A New Low


It dawns on me that there have been a plethora of pictures of me on here lately.  Am I becoming narcissistic in my not-so-old-age?  Let’s ponder that….In any event, your Sista looks good in a convertible and must get one.  I have always said that someday, I want a fun car and I want it to be a red Mustang convertible.

My bro, Hutch, does indeed rock the party in his convertible. 


We have this new guy up here in the office.  Young…23 years old.  He got hired in a pretty good job, especially for a kid just out of college.  He started last week.  Remember that.  Last week.

Dude shows up this morning….comes into my cube and shows me a note that says “Can you call Donna and see if she needs me to pick her up?”  I said “What’s wrong with your voice? You lose it or something?”

Then, he points to this sign on his person:

Now…lookie here…I don’t think we need to discriminate against our Gay and Lesbian bretheren and sisteren.  I am for real about that.   I hope that this observance today accomplishes what they want it to.  We don’t need to discriminate against nobody.  This is not the point.

He’s been here a week.  A week.  His job involves lots of talking.  I’m stunned that he actually thought he could come in here this morning and get away with that?  Especially since he and Donna have to go out and about and do official bidness. 

He came back over here a little later and wrote down “They told me I can not participate.  So I have laryngitis.”  I told him “I knew that wasn’t gonna fly.”

Now Donna….she is an RN.  She has seen and done everything.  She is slightly jaded and a lot cynical.  I so wish I coulda seen the look on her face when this guy communicated that he would not be speaking today.  HA and HA.  Even funnier, she has to spend the day in a car with the guy.   I bet she’s gonna talk a lot during that car ride.  About her baby chickens she’s fixing to get.  I wish there was a video surveillance camera in that vehicle to capture the hilarity that will surely ensue.

My prediction…before the day is out, he won’t have a job.  I’ll keep you posted.

Something else funny just overheard in my office by the RN that sits on the other side of me…”Well look..I have a drawer full of stomachs, diapraghms and cervixes.”   As if to say….”The sky is blue.” 

Didn’t none of this sorta stuff go on when I worked for the Baptists.


Chuck And Coke

I wish I had some groovy prize to give to my 100,000th Site Meter hit.  I can’t tell by the IP address exactly whom that lucky reader was.  If I could, I’d….give you a hug.  Yeah.  That’s it.

I did get a hug today from one of my most favoritest people EVAH.

That would be my good, good, GOOD friend, Brenda.

Brenda and I survived about 2 years in the trenches, working for perhaps the most slave drivinest woman you could ever meet.   That woman, as good a person as she is, nearly drove me and Brenda (and a few others) to become drankin’ people.  

I’ve got lots of funnies about Brenda.  She’s one of those people that is hysterical and doesn’t always mean to be.  She’s from Crossville and says “Twicet” for “twice.”  Most people you’d wanna smack for that but not her. 

 Brenda is perhaps one of the most Jesus lovin’ women you could ever meet.  For real, I don’t know that I’ve ever met a woman who is as in tune with thangs of a spiritual nature as Brenda.  I’ve never heard Brenda say “shit” even.  (That’s downright holy in the Book of Sista)  She’s as upright as the day is long.  Or something like that.

We worked in this particular area of my former employer where…not going to go into the details cause it’s just boring and tedious…but we were working, at times, days that began at 7:30 a.m. and would not see us getting off until 11:00 that night.  (Truth be told, I used the fact that I had kids at home to get out of lots of that.  But, I did my share)

It got so stressful at one point, Brenda said….”Oh boy…I think I need me some Charlie Daniels.”  She meant to say “Jack”.  She wouldn’t know Jack Daniels if’n he walked right up to her and kissed her smack on the lips.  Funny woman.

That was some kinda stressful gig.  All of us who worked there, during that time period it was hell on earth (where it was s’post to be Heavenly, of all places) every stinkin’ one of us had to go have some sort of stress-related medical test.  My Stress Test of Choice was an ultrasound cause they thought I had gallbladder problems.  Turns out it was just the ol’ Gastric Reflux.  I think Brenda went the Heart Route.  I can’t remember what the others had but we were a bunch of stressed-out girls.  Even so, we sho nuff had us a lot of laughs back in those days.  I guess we were so wired, we were slap-happy and near ’bout anything would make us laugh.  As horrible as it was, we were able to find the humor in that and just about anything else. 

The thing about Brenda…when I first met her, she was still reeling from a horrible, nightmarish divorce, after something like 28 years of marriage.  I can remember the days she couldn’t get through without crying.  I’m not talking a little misty-eyed…I’m talking break-down, crying that just made you want to sit down and cry with her.  Which we all did a time or two.  I can’t tell you how inspired I was by Brenda and watching her live out her life-long faith was a rather large influence on me.  Anytime I ever had something bugging me or whatever, I knew I could go to Brenda.  I also, to this day, know when somebody needs praying for, Brenda’s one you want doing that for you.  She’s a hoss when it comes to praying. 

 Brenda is just the best.  I miss seeing her and having lunch with her, but, we had a good time today.  First time I’ve seen her in about a year and a half.   I convinced her to come do a Spin class with me.  She works out everyday and is in great shape.  The teacher we had today was not as good as last week’s but we still got us in a nice little workout and she put up with me singing while spinning to Stevie Nicks.  Oooh baby oooh…just like a white-winged dove….I kept saying to her, when we were doing those uphill sprints…”Gosh Brenda….why’d you make me come do this?”  Heh. 

And Then There Were 100,000

If I’m reading the Site Meter meter correctly, the tally of hits since I’ve been using Site Meter is gonna hit 100,000 at some point today. 

I guess I should give a prize to the 100,000th Site Meter visitor or something.  Suggestions?

I wish I had some sorta thing that could have a bell go ding ding ding when vizta #100,000 gets here. 


New Every Morning

A good friend of mine said to me today that when you watch the sun rise, that it’s a reminder that God can do anything. 

I saw lots of things out there about 6 this morning. It was a totally random, compulsive detour, but a detour I needed to take.  How come I’ve never thought to go out by Old Hickory Lake and watch the sun come up and have my quiet time…just me and God?  I can tell you one thing…I’ll be doing it again. (Not tomorrow though.  Heh)  I was reminded of many blessings that I often overlook. 

 I saw these guys fishing together and it reminded me that the Good Lord has seen fit to drop lots of really wonderful people into my world and that I’m not doing nothing alone.

When I looked down and saw footprints in the early (dang, it was early) morning dew, I was reminded that I got Him carrying me.

The early morning mist on Old Hickory Lake reminded me that sometimes things are a little hazy and unclear but if you keep perservering, keep trusting, keep seeking…The sun peeks through, brightens the landscape and makes everything pretty vivid and clear. 

I have been deprived of peace; I have forgotten what prosperity is. So I say  “my splendor is gone and all that I had hoped for from the Lord.”  I remember my affliction and my wandering, the bitterness and the gall.  I well remember them and my soul is downcast within me. Yet, this I call to mind and therefore, I have hope.  Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.  They are new every morning [notice it doesn’t say “On some mornings” or “Every once in a blue moon”] Great is your faithfulness.  Lamentations 3:21-23



Am I Really A Professional?

I come to work this morning and find this on my desk…

Flowers and some sorta good smellin’ lotion. (Thank you, Rick) The occasion?  Administrative Professionals Day…

All of us who are masters (or is it mistresses) of the Administrative Professional Sciences, aspire to be like this woman..

At least I do!

Happy Happy, y’all…

In Which I Have Nothing Heavy To Say…

If you’re looking for something heavy, you have come to the wrong place.  Random pieces of the day…

That is not me in the chair.  That’s another Sharon.  I actually work with this Sharon (there are three Sharon’s in my office) and it’s not odd to run into a co-worker at the Hairdo Place.  Cheryl does hair for let’s see…probably 10 people in my office.  She oughta just come set up shop at the Heff Dept. once a month or so and she could get a full days work in.

This is what Sharon looked like after….yeah, she’d probably crap her britches if she knew I put her on here.  Don’t tell her, mmmk?  She sure looks purty doesn’t she?

Cheryl is the best hairdo gal around.  Not only does she fix a person’s hair purty, she’s so beautfully, wonderfully twisted. 

Speaking of twisted, I wish I could tell y’all the absolutely funniest funny I made down’t the Beauty Shop today.  Lordy, I about had that room full of women wishing they’da worn their Depends to get their hair did.  Sometimes I amuse myself so.  It was probably one of those GYHTBT moments but dang…I had the henhouse a’cacklin’.

And was it not just the prettiest day ever in Nashville today?  I had to go Downtown this morning on official, State bidness about 9:00 and it was so perfect outside, me and Jan were both wishing we could just skip out of work and go for a walk or something. 

I didn’t do that, but, we did do lunch at Logan’s and sat outside.  Didn’t none of us want to go back.  I didn’t have no ice cream, neither.  We did have incredibly slow service though, which was really ok cause it was nice out. 

Our waitress, cute as a bug, but, overkilt it with the “Baby’s”, “Honey’s”, “Sweetie’s”….it was almost like she was having a contest with herself to see just how many terms of endearment she could regurgitate.  I mean, yeah…I’m sweet as sugah and all that, but, you don’t have to remind me.  I like sweet little terms like that as much as anybody.  I guess Pretty Waitress was just a’tryin’ too hard.

Thank the good Lawd and NBC for airing The Best of Chris Farley tonight…

How much does it suck that Chris isn’t still around?

I attempted to watch No Country For Old Men last night.  I think I made it, maybe 90 seconds.  I saw that guy with the bad haircut who won the Oscar strangle the cute sheriff’s deputy with handcuffs and he was about to knock somebody else off and decided perhaps this was not the movie for me.  Back into the red envelope and skrait into the mailbox that sucker went.  I don’t recall ever doing that with a movie. 

Except that time years ago when the Basketball Coach didn’t want to see Beaches with me and we went to see Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and he didn’t like that either so we went into see Beaches anyway. (I think it was the third time I saw that.)  Heh.  I thought I was really cute “winning” that argument.

Two perspectives of the same moment….

This one by Chris…  Kate took this one with my camera.

Geez…somebody tell that girl to shut up.

Incase You Were Wondering…

Retainers…the plastic ones….can survive a spin in the washer and dryer.  Don’t ask me how I know this, but, I know it to be fact.

Hot Guys and Girls

How’s this for some hot babes?

Stephanie, Soundchick and your Sista.

Stephanie reminds me a TON of my cousin Mandy.

And here’s one of Jon and Chris

Boy, that title’s gonna bring the pervs out.

Moon River And Me

Moon river wider than a mile
Im crossing you in style someday
You dream maker, you heartbreaker
Wherever youre going Im going your way
Two drifters off to see the world
Theres such a lot of world to see
Were after the same rainbows end
Waiting round the band
My huckleberry friend, moon river……
And me

Somehow appropriate that the moon is rather big and full following a rather…I don’t know…dark day.