I thought the anniversary date was yesterday all day until I looked it up here and realized it was today…but…it was a year ago today that I reported for duty at my current job.   

I can honestly sit here and tell the truth that I do love my job and I do love what I do.  Call me crazy, but, Cooties are just the shizzy.  I work with the absolute most wonderful people around and I feel pretty doggone blessed to be where I’m at.

I especially like the fact that I no longer have to endure the bottleneck traffic at Trinity Lane and Metro Center everyday anymore.  My office is 12 miles from my driveway.  I can leave here at 7:30 and get there in plenty of time. 

I love working with a diverse and interesting group of people.  Not that I didn’t have that before, mind you.  I like how I can say “shit” and not worry that somebody heard me and may fire me for use of expletives.

Besides that…I work with.. Elvis impersonators. 


Chuck Wagon Gangs…


There are some days we just have to stop and break it down a little bit…


We have lots of good cooks (where I learned to make the Lil’ Smokies wrapped in bacon, covered in brown sugar)


Even better than all the above…I’ve made some great real-life friends…


We work hard over there and play hard.  I’m glad I got stuck there.