Yeah, yeah, I’m late to seeing current movies.  Praise the Lord and pass the Netflix though.  Woo!

I watched that movie “Knocked Up” last night and geez louise, that’s a funny movie.  Those guys were just plain killing me.  Ben’s friends?  Oh gosh.  Defnitely my favorite part.  The Muslim jokes made me near ’bout bust a gut.

Only thing is I don’t think they said the “F” word quite enough.  I mean, if theyda just said it a little more, it would have been way more effective.  It certainly couldn’t have been funny without it.  I like crude and all that as much as the next person.  (Jesus knows this about me and He understands)  I got a little wo’ out with the repeated F words.  Especially by the Sister.

I think, though, that watching this movie so late caused me to have a totally bizarre, and just plain weird dream.  It was so strange.  It involved Cracker Barrel, real people I know mixed with people from movies, mixed with people I have NO idea who they are, having high jinks regarding stealing money from the CB.  Almost like the Oceans 11 guys plotting a big steal from the Cracker Barrel.  I have not been smoking crack.  I swear.  I was pretty glad to wake up, even though it was at 7:00 on a Saturday morning and I really didn’t want to wake up that early.