Because I rarely partake in refreshments of the alcoholic variety, it doesn’t take a whole bunch of it before my face starts burning.  Two Coronas.  Just two.

Me and this hilarious woman named Susan (who looks and talks JUST LIKE Megan Mulally) went down the street to the Liquor store.  Now, I don’t frequent those sorts of places often.  I was just sure I would run into a fellow Baptist in there.  (I still feel like lightning will come straight out of the sky anytime I ever walk into one of those places. I guess I always will. )

My compadres wanted Margaritas. (I don’t get those things.  I don’t like how they taste not one bit) I like Coronas and things that taste like dessert.  That about does it for my alcohol preference but I digress..that also will probably just about do for my alcohol consumption for the year 2008.

We go into the Likka Store up the street so she could get margarita mix.  The guy behind the counter….lordy me oh my, what a weirdo he was.  He convinced Susan to buy this bottle of $20 margarita stuff.  He promised her she’d never go back once she had that.   He also had every other fingernail painted blue and he was not a young guy.  He looked like somebody could call him “Paw Paw”. 

Me, Lisa and Jeff were sitting there discussing the whereabouts of our children.  I said that the HT was at a retreat with the church. So was Lisa’s son.  There our kids are learning about Jesus, and their mamas are out getting a little louder than we would ordinarily get and holding microphones, singing about Mary Anne and Wanda killing the abusive Earl.

That was the very first time I have ever done karaoke.  I tell you one thing…it ain’t gonna be the last time either.  I was pretty grateful Lisa called me up this afternoon saying she was going to be up the street and to come on.  I needed that.  Thank you, Lisa.  And Jeff, her most cool husband, who she dated when she was a teenager only to run into a couple years ago.  One of the coolest love stories I know.  This is Lisa’s boy, Rusty.  His name is really not Rusty.  It’s Ross.  Rusty is adorable.  Stepdaddy Jeff gave Ross a sip of whatever it was he was drinking and he kept sipping and Jeff says “Rusty….RUSTY!”  Liked to have made me bust a gut.  (Remember in Vacation when Clark has a beer with Rusty?  Oh me.  Made me laugh)