I like to think that for a Christian, much less a Southern Baptist one, who loves Jesus and trusts Him with everything I got, that I am tolerant.  I am not the least bit disturbed by a gay person.  Even a flaming, drag queen doesn’t make me flinch. 

 I have many gay friends, some relatives, and I love them regardless, plus being gay is just plain not an issue.  I felt long ago like the Good Lord convicted me that it is not my job to point out to any gay person that they are sinning cause you know what, I have plenty of sin in my life, too.  So that took care of that.  Gay vs. Straight is not an issue for me.

Howevah, this Pregnant Man thing?  Two words…unh. unh.  One, “he” is not even a man.  It’s a woman with a mastectomy, male hormones, etc. Two…no two.  I think it’s just plain ridiculous.  Especially when my 9 year old said “Hey Mom…did you know there is a pregnant man?”  Ah.  That’s precious.

Sorry, people…I’m not fillin’ it.

By the way, Oprah’s getting crazier by the nanosecond, ain’t she?  This Eckhart Tolle crapola is just a little more than I can stomach.  Her telling the Pregnant Woman With A Beard and her partner they were sent to make the world more tolerant?  Tolerate this Ofrah.