Sarcastro said we now had RFD in Nashburg.  Woo hoo!  I’ve done recorded me some Porter Wagoner, Pop! Goes the Country (Ralph Emery had him a fuzzy beard back in the old days.  I forgot how he used to look) and the Wilburn Brothers.  The Wilburn Show I saw today was done during the era when I was around Teddy and Doyle a LOT.  It was eery.  Just as I remember those two.  Except in real life, they didn’t wear bright, satin shirts with puffy sleeves.  They didn’t dress like this either when I was around them. But I do remember this album cover, and every other one they had, hanging on Teddy’s den wall. 

It occurs to me now that at the time, I thought everybody’s parents had friends like this.  I’ve said that before, but, it blows my mind now how many legendary, wonderful, eccentric, interesting, creative people I’ve been around.  Doyle was a hoot.  I still can’t believe as sheltered as my parents tried to make things for us, they allowed us to be “babysat” by Doyle, along with his ex-wife, Margie Bowes.  Not so much her babysitting us, cause that happened often, but, there we were, riding in the car with a more-than-slightly-inebriated Opry member.  It makes me giggle to remember now. 

I’m not so much into all the farm stuff they have on RFD but then again, RFD does stand for “Rural Free Delivery” so it has to do with thangs of a rural natchuh.