Let’s take a trip back in time in the Sista Time Machine, shall we?

I can’t believe I’ve never shown this here.  This is pretty hilarious.  My moment in the sun from 30 years ago.  (Yikes)

The occasion was the groundbreaking of Forest Hills Baptist Church.  I got to do the big first dig cause I had been baptized that morning.  I just blended right in with these Baptist dudes, didn’t I?  Which one of these doesn’t belong???  HAHAHAHAHAHA….there’s Bill Sherman; my pastor when I was growing up, Bro. Lloyd Lawrence and those other guys….and 9 year old Sista. (The same age as #2 is now)

What I remember most about this day was being about halfway embarrassed and not having the slightest clue what/where/why I got to hold the Golden Shovel.  Still, it’s a kinda neat memory.