How do people get here to  this here website?  It’s doing searches such as thus:

Jew Naked Kid,(I don’t even wanna think about what thats about) lifeguard, Culhanes of Hee Haw, LOTS of Viva Viagra, people interested in Joni Mitchell cause theys lots of searches for “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot”, McDreamy…the searches for “Sister Smiff” make me laugh.  I am “sister” to one…to the rest of you’uns, I am your Sist-UH.  Got it? (Except to my Shishter, of course)

TONS of hits thanks to the phrase “widows peak” and/or Eddie Munster, in fact, my second highest viewed post, according to my WordPress stats,  is the one about my widows peak.  (Is that really THAT interesting that that particular post gets that many views?  Those aren’t that uncommon, are they?? Am I freak?)

People looking for Johnny Cash, Richard Widmark, Jackie Joseph, pregnant men and famous people turning 50 have all dropped by, even if only for a second.

I must say, though, I am quite disturbed about the search for “Crazy Old Grand Mama Sekx.”  Don’t be coming ’round here looking for that sorta thing, now.

I never look in the spam file but I did and good lord….we don’t thank the Good Lord near enough for Akismet.