I rented that movie “Come Back, Little Sheba” from Netflix?  It’s reallly, really good.  I would imagine that for the time it came out, it was probably pretty edgy and pushing limits a little. 

As good as this movie is/was, it is probably one of THE most depressing, pitiful things I’ve ever seen.  Not the acting or the story…Shirley Booth  was so dang good and convincing, I forgot I was watching Hazel. (She won a Best Actress Oscar for it…rightfully so) 

 Part of me wonders if the Lola character was any sort of inspiration for Edith Bunker?  I think Lola and Edith might’ve been sisters or something.  At least Edith was funny.  Lola was not funny.  Still calling out for that dog….calling Burt “Daddy” and Burt saying “Give Daddy a kiss”….it was kindly creepy.   No wonder Sheba didn’t want to come back.  Lola and Doc was some kinda screwed up.

Terry Moore, who played the college girl that Burt Lancaster had a crush on, had a very large head.  She also claimed to have secretly married Howard Hughes then in her 50’s, posed nekkid for Playboy. 

The big question I have about that movie is the whole AA thing….Burt plays this recovering alcoholic (who was probably a lot more fun when he was drinking).  Do they really have AA birthday cakes and have people stand up in front of the group with their cake and candles and blow them out in front of everybody????  Please tell me they do not.  I realize this movie was made in something like 1952 so maybe things have changed since then. I would think that would make one NOT want to go to AA meetings.