I’ve mentioned my Shishter here many times, but, I don’t think I’ve properly introduced you to her….sooo..Blog Readers…get you a whiff of my Shishter.

We have been friends for 11 years.  We worked at the same place and the ice broke for us when I almost laughed out loud at the most inappropriate time (imagine that) and she told me not to.  I wish I could go into WHAT I was about to laugh at but I better not.  Let’s just say it has to do with Donald Duck. 

My Shishter and I have done lots of growing up together.  She’s a good ol’ girl.  Terribly and wonderfully twisted…I wish she would take up blogging.  She has a wonderful way with words.

True friendships stand the test of time and circumstances, as has ours.  We are Shishters, afterall.