I can NOT believe it’s been ten years today since that Mighty Wind blew through Downtown Nashville.  Geez.  Has it really been that long?  I guess so…#2 will be 10 years old in July.  I was 6 months pregnant when it happened.  I was right smack dab in the middle of that puppy.  Anytime I see that Skycam video and see the building I was in, it gives me a bit o’shiver.  You can see video here.

What I remember about that was going down the flights of stairs in this big building with insulation coming through the vents and the building shaking.  I also remember how there was no plan in place for such an event because really, until that day, tornadoes were not supposed to be able to strike in Downtown-type areas.   Pssht.

I also remember being highly pissed at my co-workers cause they all laughed at me all day cause I was a nervous wreck with all the starms and stuff going on.  When I came to work that morning, there was a bad storm going through and the lightning was horrendous. 

I distinctly remember passing St. Ann’s Episcopal Church that morning, as I did everyday and then later that night crying when I saw the video of that beautiful old church flattened. 

I also remember being stuck Downtown and not able to get out cause another one was coming.  I hung out at the Hermitage Hotel with a bunch of drunks.  Had I not been pregnant, I’d have probably joined in.

It was quite a day.  One of those days you’re reminded that you never know how your life will change from one day to the next.  It’s still amazing to me that there was only one fatality.